Jeux d'Ailes, paragliding school in Drôme

Jeux d'Ailes
6 rue des enfers
Tél : 06 65 50 66 90

Ecole Française de Vol Libre

Free Flight Paragliding School

«To be or not to be»
[Hamlet, William Shakespeare]

Initiation (5 days)

Ecole Franck Objectif: One (or more) big flight(s).
Duration : 5 days (during summer days stop at 15h00)
Content :

How does it work :

Pente école The first two or three days are spent on the training hill. You learn how to inflate your glider, to run with it above your hear and how to control it. And then, slowly, you'll go for your first launchs and little fligths.
Next days are for the big flights (according the weather forecast).

You ll launch from one of the Aurel's site in calm condition.
One instructor will be on the launch and another will be at the landing zone. You are equipped with a radio and in constant contact with the monitors.

Everyday, there will be a theorical course, simple to answer your questions and to link the experiences of the day.

Vol depuis Saint Pierre 130m At the end of the course, you ll have fly one or more big flights and you ll be able to fly solo supervised by instructors.
The next step will be a progression course or a full package course to become a pilot.

If the weather is not good for flying then days are rescheduled or refunded.

Price: including teaching, paraglider and shuttles.

5 days 475€ (427€ *) + FFVL license : 40€

(*) rate from 5 people

Personnal Initiation (5 days)

Passager biplace Objective: To acquire a solid foundation for your pilot life.

750€ + FFVL license : 40€
(on request all year)


Pente école Objective: increasing your flight skill, for safety and performance, so that the flight is always "fun".
Duration: 1-5 days. (Summer days stop at 15:00)
Content :

Price: including teaching, paraglider and shuttles.

(*) rate from 5 people

Forfait préparation au Brevet de Pilote

Ecole Thierry

The status of the student gives you preferential rates on all equipment.

Buying a pack (glider + harness + parachute) entitles you to a discount on training:

Price : including teaching, paraglider and shuttles.

Openning days

Pente école en fleur The school is open all year if there're 3 participants.
Every saturday and sunday.
Initiation courses start monday.

Other dates are possibles, call us.

SIV and Piloting Course

La dune du Pyla : 31 august to 4 september


vol à Aurel

(Depending on the weather, the venue you can change: call the day before for confirmation from 15.00)