Jeux d'Ailes, paragliding school in Drôme

Jeux d'Ailes
6 rue des enfers
Tél : 06 65 50 66 90
Free Flight Paragliding School

Free Flight Paragliding School

«To be or not to be»
[Hamlet, William Shakespeare]


Ecole Aurel
Welcome on the site «Jeux d'Ailes» (Wings Games), paragliding school located at Aurel (26340) in the heart of the Drôme in the Diois (1 hour driving from Valence or Montélimar).

Our school, labeled FFVL (French Federation of Free Flight), provides all the training to make you independent and responsible pilot.

You can discover the activity through a tandem flight or during a discovery day.

What is paragliding? All explanations on Wikipedia

Map : Where are we ?

aile bleue en vol biplace, Thierry avec Anna les 3 becs Aurel Drôme